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Your partner for the long haul

The bedrock of our work is gender equality and social inclusion. We value our relationships with our clients and partners and take a long-term approach to partnership and service that is sustained for the long haul. For us it is not about parachuting in and out of relationships and solutions.

We have a highly skilled team specialising in the different areas of our work. Our way of working is grounded in our values that keep us in check and ensure that we deliver quality products and services in a timely manner. We have an open line of communication within our team as well as with our clients and partners. We are honest about the skills within our team, our business practices, our work schedules and keep clients up to date with progress on their projects.

We are contributing to the big agenda of a more inclusive world by ensuring that as an organisation we embrace diversity and respect the rights of all people regardless of their gender, race, background and more. We strive to promote the embracing of a diversity lens approach by our clients and partners in their work.

We are committed to being a part of a community of change makers in the development sector. We believe that no one organisation can eradicate poverty in Africa or in the world for that matter, but real change comes when development players work together in concert.

We keep our eyes on delivering quality results for our clients. We do not sit on our laurels when we receive positive feedback from our clients and stakeholders, but we continuously strive to improve on results. We are, in addition, open to new and improved ways of working and always encourage innovative ideas within our team as well as from our clients and partners. We take a co-creative approach to developing solutions that meet our clients’ needs.