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One of the effects of COVID-19 on NGOs in Africa has been the fracturing of its architecture. It has manifested itself in several ways including the closure of some organisations, and others cutting back their operations. The reality is that there will be a need to support existing organisations to get stronger than they were before COVID-19 and also for new organisations to emerge to close  gaps and support recovery post the pandemic.

We provide our clients and partners with technical support and implement processes for the setting up of new organisation. This includes:

  • Undertaking and/or synthesising research on the theme(s) of the organisation to be set up;
  • Convening and facilitating dialogue on the core concept;
  • Facilitating consultations on the organisations concept with stakeholders;
  • Assessing and determining what type of organisation to set up
  • Determining requirements for the establishment and executing; and
  • Undertaking organisational design processes.